Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts

I am sure you have probably seen Mike Roberts a couple of times. He has done some work for a couple of video companies and another web site. But I doubt you have seen him look like this. Mike's body is absolute heaven. I know you think I say that about every guy I shoot and yes I do like many types of guys but this one is special. Mike is an absolute doll. He is considerate, friendly and smiles and laughs a lot which I really like. My biggest fear about working with Mike is that I was afraid my photos may not do him justice. He is that fucking beautiful. I have seen other photos of him and none of them really showed his body or his looks off well. Mike has what is right now my favorite chest on the site. His pecs are really big and hot and he has some natural hair covering them. That's why I like his and Brett's look so much is because they have those natural hairy bodies with this beautiful pale skin. That look does not look good on most people but on Mike it couldn't look sexier. And best of all he has a really big, beautiful, veiny, thick, uncut cock. Mike loves to jack off he told me almost 3 times day and that it never interferes with his cruising time. This guy really loves sex! Mike is for now a total top with no plans of changing. I hope that changes don't you?

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