Marcus Mojo

Marcus Mojo

With his beautifully toned muscular body complemented by blond fuzz on his forearms, thighs and ass, Marcus Mojo (known to many of his fans as Landon Mycles) has definitely made a name whichever name he uses for himself in the gay porn industry. Marcus' career started out doing straight porn for various sites on the web and eventually for websites filming straight guys for gay eyes, and escalated from there to gay-for-pay porn. Let's face it, the almighty $$$ is better for gay performers and Marcus (Landon) turned his focus to gay-for-pay films. Admittedly, Marcus is straight and prefers hetero sex. However, he was eased into gay content by first being on the receiving end of a blowjob from another guy and later sucking on his first dick. From there, he must have realized that "a hole is a hole" and wasn't long before he was plowing another man's ass. It was obvious that he enjoyed himself or rather enjoyed sex. His dick will stand at attention when needed and his performances are both enthusiastic and skilled. You may find yourself asking the question "Is he really straight and just doesn't want to admit he's gay?" or for the simple fact of the matter, maybe he's just bi. And we ask you this: "Does it really matter?" The bottom line is that Marcus has a hot body, nice 7-inch cock, and a terrific ass! (Oh! and awesome blue eyes.)

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